Rootstech 2015

Here is the PDF of the presentation at the MoCoGenSo meeting on March 5th 2015. Most hyperlinks should be active, if not just copy and paste into your browser. To get the PDF, just click here Rootstech.

Also handed out was a great PDF of tips for using Google by Katherine Willson. That PDF is available by clicking on Google Hints.

For those who didn’t catch the presentation, you can get excellent insights to the state of digital genealogy and company partnerships by watching the videos of keynote and general session meetings. Access the information for this at on the main page. The first and last are a bit long, but worth it! They are:

• Dennis Brimhall, Mike Mallin, and Tan Le; Thursday Keynote Session – 1 1/2 hours:
• Josh Taylor; Friday General Session – 15 minutes (Laura Bush’s Friday keynote portion was not posted)
• A.J. Jacobs, Donny Osmond; Saturday Keynote – 1 1/2 hours

For classes at the conference, on the main RootsTech website go to “Agenda” then “Schedule.” For class syllabuses, on the main page go to “About” then “2015 Class Syllabus.”

Bill Hannah

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