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Immigration Records now at Family Search!

Given that Adam and Eve were born in some country other than the United States (Garden of Eden) then therefore everyone here in the USA is either an immigrant or is descended from immigrants. (Native Americans also immigrated — just longer ago than most!)

Many of our immigrant ancestors came to this country through the portals of Ellis Island. It has always been a challenge to search the records at Ellis Island. I know that Stephen Morse has made it easier on his One-Step web site. And he will be the September speaker here.

BUT — a recent blog post from announced that the complete archive of Ellis Island passenger records is now available on their website, today! They are completely indexed with the real imagine available too. Hooray.

Click here to see the blog announcement:

The free records include the following:

New York Passenger Lists (Castle Garden) 1820–1891

New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island) 1892–1924

New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists 1925–1957

Start searching for your ancestors now. What are you waiting for!

“There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot.” – Raymond Reddington

DNA Sig – August 11

This is reminder for the MoCoGenSo DNA SIG (“DIG”) meeting this coming Saturday at 10 am at the Family History Center in Seaside.  We will meet in the library (across the hall from the computer room)

Schedule for SIG Meeting:

10:00 to 10:15   Discussion of future topics of interest/volunteers for future presentations.  Please consider volunteering!  Work In Progress is Fine. 

Sep:  Cynthia and Spenser

Oct:  Need a volunteer

Nov:  Need a volunteer

10:15 to 10:30  Update on The Other DNA  Linda McNeal Millerick

10:30 to 10:45   Patience and Persistence, Using DNA to Solve a Family Puzzle with Wee Bits & Pieces  Bonnie Hill

10:45 to 11:00  DNA Highlights from the 2018 NGS Conference Pat Burrow

11:00 to 11:15  Highlights from GRIP Forensic Genealogy Course July 2018

Barbara Rae-Venter

11:15 to 11:30  Questions/Discussion

Barbara is an invited speaker at the following events:

Genetic Genealogy Ireland Oct 19-Oct 21 2018 in Dublin, Ireland

DAR Roundup January 2019 (26th or 19th; date to be confirmed)

Keynote Speaker plus additional four presentations relating to DNA

The theme of the 2019 Roundup is going to be DNA.  Anyone interested in presenting please let me know and I will pass your name on to the program organizer.

Monthly Meeting – August 2, 2018: “Building a Family Tree in PowerPoint” by Caleb Smotherman

Join Caleb as he guides you on how to use PowerPoint to manage projects, organize information, and build a family tree. Throughout the lesson, he will give tips and tricks for taking full-advantage of PowerPoint. He will also tell ways to inspire our younger generations to get interested in their own family ancestry, but more importantly, on ways in which they can get involved.

Caleb Smotherman was raised in Savannah, Tennessee. Having served in the military for 9 years, he is currently attending the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, studying Korean. He has used PowerPoint for about 10 years, and has received Microsoft Advanced Certificates in Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint. He has worked for 4 years in Satellite Communications, and currently working in the Military Intelligence Branch, which uses exclusively Microsoft products for daily work. Caleb got started in genealogy because of his grandfather, and other close relatives who wanted to preserve the family genealogy electronically. He realized there was no proprietary software available that met his needs, or budget. So he used what he knew would manage information. He was able to bring his family tree to digital-life using PowerPoint!

Doors open at 6:15 pm, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. We’ll see you at the Family History Center, 1024 Noche Buena, Seaside, CA., left rear of building.

“You know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream? And you know how, if you don’t have a pencil and pad by the bed to write it down, it will be completely gone the next morning? Sometimes it’s important to wake up and stop dreaming. When a really great dream shows up, grab the pencil and start writing.” – Larry Page

MoCoGenSo DNA SIG Meeting Saturday June 9 at 10 am

This is reminder for the MoCoGenSo DNA SIG meeting this coming Saturday at 10 am at the Family History Center in Seaside. We will meet in the library (across the hall from the computer room)

Schedule for DNA SIG Meeting:

10:00 to 10:10 Discussion of future topics of interest/volunteers for future presentations. Please consider volunteering! Work In Progress is Fine.

10:10 to 10:40 “How do you identify an unknown person using autosomal DNA testing?” Barbara Rae-Venter

10:40 to 11:30 “Phasing at GEDmatch: Focus on Father’s autosomal DNA” Junel Davidsen

11:30 to 12:30 Meeting for those interested in working on forensic samples

Barbara is a speaker at the following event:
Adoptee Camp Denver, Colorado June 21-June 24 “DNA testing for Adoptees: Tips and Considerations”

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it..” – Yogi Berra

Monthly Meeting – June 7, 2018: “Share Your Family’s Stories… Just Jump In and Do It” by Kathy Nielsen

Join Kathy Nielsen as she demonstrates ways to share your family’s stories. Self-publish a book, create a video, interview a relative. Family stories may be lost in just three generations. Don’t let your family’s stories end up in the cardboard box in the garage or worse yet in the trash. Create a legacy for your family now. Pass on your stories and those of your ancestors. Kathy will inspire you to get started.

Kathy Nielsen is a reference librarian in the California History Room at the Monterey Public Library. Kathy earned a BA in history at the University of California, Berkeley and a MA in history at Hunter College, City University of New York. After teaching history to high school and middle school students for five years, Kathy returned to UC Berkeley and received a master’s degree in library science. She incorporates her skills as an historian, a storyteller, and a librarian with her love for travel and her search for her family’s history.

Doors open at 6:15 pm, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. We’ll see you at the Family History Center, 1024 Noche Buena, Seaside, CA., left rear of building.

“I have more ancestors than all my ancestors!”

Family Tree Visualization

This is a quick note to tell you about a web based tool I just discovered tonight. It is so much fun that I had to pop this post so you can try it too (before it goes away?).

The tool is called “Family Tree Visualization” and it can be found here:

The tool analyzes your family tree (from the gedcom you upload) and then gives you an interactive display of the tree on your screen. But don’t stop there, move the mouse pointer around, click on the places where I have marked in red below (see left side too), scroll the mouse wheel, experiment => the darn thing is full of information about your tree. This is an excellent tool that is both fun and useful.

The display only shows your ancestors, but the statistics include summarizations from all of your tree! So upload a full gedcom. Use this on your desktop or laptop computer because you need the mouse. No iPads here!

“Wow, this is amazing.” If this is old news to you, then I can only say “Why didn’t you tell me before?”