Monthly Calendar Test

This image will be showing in the Calendar page under Meetings inside the Menu system.  This is a test to see what folks think of also having a copy posted here in the Home page every month.  I could post the next month image after the Director’s Meeting.

monthly calendar

April 2015

This is built with a Microsoft Excel calendar template, printed to PDF, and then scraped with the Win-7 Snipper tool to get one month to display.  Frankly, it is a pain.  And there doesn’t seem to be enough room with the boxes to include the General Meeting subject matter.  On the other hand, I like having the schedule available.  (Customization may be in the future.)

What say you?   Page, Post or both?


Using this website

Once in a while, we will remind you of how this website works by highlighting some new or updated item. Today we updated the page that contains our list of Web Links, a page where you can find pointers to some of the better web sites as they relate to genealogy and genetics.

A post like this goes to the top of the ‘Home‘ page, which you see when you first come here. New posts are added to the top, older posts move down. Then they go into the ‘archives’ which are easily accessed by looking on the ‘sidebar’ (in the right column of this blog) at the ‘Archives’ or ‘Categories’ section. Archives and Categories are simply filters that pull from the posts according to your need.

This blog is a hybrid site that includes ‘pages‘, in addition to posts, which contain static information not listed by date that needs to be always available. Pages can be found in the Menu bar at the top of every screen or in the ‘Menu’ section of the sidebar.

Today, in preparation for the new DNA SIG tomorrow, we have added pointers to various DNA sites to the Links page.  You can find the newly updated Web Links, page by clicking on GENEALOGY in the Menu and then clicking on WEB LINKS.

And, as a reminder, the Membership Renewal form can be found in the Menu by going to BUSINESS and then MEMBERSHIP or by Clicking Here.

Have a good day!

April 2, 2015 – Monthly Meeting: ” All About Lineage Societies”, by Suzanne Schultz, Leonora Branca, & Sam Griffith

Lineage Societies – There is the DAR, SAR, NSCDA and GSMD.  Do you know what they all are?  Does your family tree have “special people” in it?  Revolutionary War heroes related to you? Mayflower passenger descendant?  Are you a Colonial Dame? Why should you join a lineage society if you do have these ancestors in your tree?  What are the different classifications?  What are the different requirements to join? What do lineage Societies do?  Come to this meeting to find out about the different lineage societies, and why have they become so popular. These three speakers should be able to answer most any question you were afraid to ask.

Suzanne Schultz – Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution “DAR”. Served as Registrar and Vice Regent for Commodore Sloat Chapter, DAR. She is the DAR Volunteer Genealogy Consultant.

Leonora Branca – Member of Five Lineage Societies – Past State Regent of California DAR, written two family history books “Our Italian Heritage”, & “The NJ Roots of Ethel Dilts Howard”

Sam Griffith – Vice President (& Past President) of Monterey Bay Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution “SAR”. He has also been President of five other organizations on the Monterey Peninsula.

I want to attend just to find out what a Colonial Dame is!  Actually, I have four Revolutionaries in my tree, and one who fought with the British!  Don’t miss this MoCoGenSo meeting.

Doors open at 6:15 pm, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. We’ll see you at the Family History Center, 1024 Noche Buena, Seaside, CA., left rear of building.

Genealogy Gophers Website – Free Genealogy Books

A new genealogy website was opened a couple of days ago: Genealogy Gophers at The goal is to be Google Books for genealogy.

Many respected bloggers have said it is a good site, but it is so busy now, I couldn’t get in!

* Completely free. The site is supported by ads and “Google Consumer Surveys” – people are asked to answer a few market-research questions once a day in order to read and download the books.

* Only genealogy-relevant books: 40,000 and growing. These out-of-copyright books have been obtained from FamilySearch, the Allen County Public Library, the Mid-Continent Public Library, and several other libraries.

* Advanced search technology allows searches for people: the names, dates, places, and relatives associated with them, not just words.

* Search results include snippets from the book pages so it’s easy to quickly scan the results and find the most-relevant ones.

The website is in beta. Over the coming months the search algorithms will continue to improve and they plan to add many more thousands of books.

Give it a try. I have found lots of ancestors through “family books”. Maybe I’ll find a few more here. Click the link above, or write it down and try when you have more time.

March 7, 2015 – Special Meeting: “DNA Special Interest Group”, led by Barbara Rae-Venter

The MoCoGenSo has approved the formation of a “special interest group” (SIG) concerning Genetic Genealogy, being called the DNA Special Interest Group.

The first formative meeting will be held this next Saturday (Mar 7) morning at 10 am at the Family History Center.

If you are just interested in using DNA to help your genealogical research, or if you are an old timer in your involvement with genetic genealogy, this is your chance to help decide the future of this new SIG.

The SIG has been started and is being run by Barbara Rae-Venter. You can read her biography by clicking here Barbara bio.  Don’t miss this inaugural meeting. For further information you can contact Barbara by email at

Doors open at 9:45 am, the meeting starts at 10:00 am. We’ll see you at the Family History Center, 1024 Noche Buena, Seaside, CA., left rear of building. The meeting is free and open to all.

Membership Renewal Time Is Here

Our membership runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. This year, we have a surprise for you! The headline in the recently released Newsletter reads thusly:


The Board of Directors has voted to introduce electronic delivery of our Newsletter. Yep, we are stepping into the modern age. Price increases over the years for printing and postage of paper newsletters has simply become hazardous to our health! Besides, we need to do our part, environmentally.

Shifting to electronic delivery will allow us to maintain our current Membership prices for those accepting E-delivery. We are proud of the fact that we have not increased our prices since the societies inception.

Beginning with the May/June issue, the Newsletter will be delivered by electronic methods in PDF form via email. We will provide paper newsletter memberships for an additional fee of $5.00 over the basic prices to cover increased costs for those who require paper.

Membership fees are:
Individual $15.00, Family $22.50 with PDF newsletter.
For a paper copy, add $5.00 to the basic membership fee.

We will begin this service by sending the May/June Newsletters in PDF form to your designated email account. You must provide a valid email address when ordering. (If problems are encountered with your email account, we may provide a backup copy via download from this website.)

For renewing members, you can renew using the membership form in your recently received newsletter.  New (or renewing) members can download and print a PDF copy of the Membership Application by clicking here.  There will always be copies of this form at our monthly meetings.

What are the benefits for becoming a MoCoGenSo member? Here is a partial list. Any applicant interested in furthering the objectives of this society shall be eligible for membership upon submission of completed application form and payment of dues. Members have the right to vote, are eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors, to receive notice to meetings and activities and a reduced fee to some of these activities, and to receive the society newsletter. And you get to socialize with a great bunch of genealogists!

Join me by staying with MoCoGenSo and getting the E-Newsletter.

Thank you for being a supporter!